Ergonomics of TECCPO Tools

    We Design tool products, with special emphasis on ergonomics, user experience; especially the handle of the product, which has a close relationship with the palm of the people. It needs to take into account the role of each finger, the comfort of the muscles per inch of the palm, and the mechanical interaction. Operationality, we need to constantly explore, repeatedly test the experiment, and strive to standardize every detail of the handle; also need to consider the center of gravity of the product working state, and the distribution position of the force in each joint of the arm, and strive to design the most labor-saving Product size; under the action of external force, the force arm, the moment, the direction of reasonable motion.

Mold introduction

    TECCPO precision molds rely on powerful manufacturing and innovation forces to design advanced 3D laser lines instead of the original chemical etch. 3D laser pattern can increase the grip of the product, reflect the difference of products, and be closer to the requirements of the future world for environmental protection.