For Beginners: Find Creative Ways of Using Your Rotary Tool - Zelma R. Phillips

As a mother of two girls, I always want to give my children some surprises, such as making a unique earring for my little daughter or carving her favorite cartoon character on her glass. I like to figure out how I can get the most out of my rotary tool. Owing to the tons of attachments that come with this TECCPO tool, it gives me the ability to do small jobs around my home and I want to share this with you.

Etching Pattern on Glass

Have you ever thought about trying to engrave? Whether you want to make a gift for someone special or add more details on household objects, engraving is all about practice and patience.

Choose the diamond wheel points is the key to make fine-detail work. The bits are designed with diamond particles, which make them perfect for engraving hard materials, like glass. What’s more, flexible shaft is easy to hold and reduce the weight of TECCPO tool. With these helpers, you need to find a pattern to trace over. My little girl loves Peppa Pig, so I place the paper of that cartoon underneath the glass. And I can see straight through and use it as a guide. Just be sure to stick it to the glass so it doesn’t move around halfway while engraving. That’s how I start engraving.

Carving Decorations

To engrave letters or pattern on your plate also makes your a creative hostess for friends and guests! TECCPO rotary tool will offer a carbide bit that has been specially designed for carving. Next, put a piece of paper on wood and choose the proper design. Place the taped carbon paper and pattern on your piece of wood. Then, use a pencil to trace the pattern until the traced pattern has printed on the wood surface. Wear your safety gear and power on your rotary tool. Start carving from the pattern outwards. The process should be slow and precise. Finally, you will get a nice plate or saucer for your coffee and sweeties.

Cutting Wood light

With the help of a cutting wheel attachment, I can use a rotary tool when cutting. While I have used it on several occasions when cutting circles or other patterns in wooden materials, I feel that the cutting wheel is as sharp as a shark’s teeth and the TECCPO is incredibly quiet with slight vibrations. This bit help me to carve varying-sized circles along the sides of the pattern. That’s how I make this wood light.

I highly recommended this Teecpo rotary tool with many accessories. Half the price of the Dremel and powerful, this tool will bring you whatever project you want to do around the house. The tool will be your favorite mood booster and partner in DIY. Why not try a tool to stimulate your creativity? Know more step-by-step crafts ideas in Build a desk for your study, engrave a plate for your kid, or make other decoration in the weekend!

TECCPO Rotary Tool——TART04P

If you are looking for a rotary tool that endures more than 24 hours of engraving, polishing and shearing tests, TECCPO will be you the best choice to guarantee a good purchase. With praise from craft and hobby experts in social media and Amazon, TART04P offers incredible power, affordable price and tons of accessories for most beginners and DIYers.

Incredible Power

Without a doubt, the TECCPO offers the superb quality and value for money of rotary tools compared with its peers. Half the price of the Dremel and works as good, the TART04P is built with 5 levels of RPM starting from 8,000 to 35,000. Powered with a 1.5A electric motor, it keeps fast and sturdy under load and lets you adjust speed flexibly according to the type of materials being used. The tool with variable speed not only lets you handle fine details on glass&wood engraving with precision but also powerful enough to deal with burdensome tasks like cutting hardwoods and removing the dust.

Versatile Accessories

Another bright spot of this tool is its versatile accessories to get you started immediately. Comes with 80 standard accessories and 3 attachments, this rotary tool is a tough helper for an occasional crafter or hobbyist. Spindle lock and wrench make fast and convenient accessory changes. Compatible with other rotary tools, you can change tools as you like. No matter what sort of projects you want to use it for, you will be able to find the right little helper. Great for lots of different projects around the house, the flexible shaft makes jewelry carving and polishing very convenient with being able to move it around with less vibration and more precision. Auxiliary handle also improves stability of making precise project. What’s more, cutting guide achieves more stable and accurate cutting. In a word, this tool can finish a wide range of applications including cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing many materials with variable speed and unique accessories.

Comfortable Design

In order to alleviate fatigue for long-time using, symmetrical and ergonomic body design with soft rubber provides a comfortable 360-degree grip. Unlike other tools with similarly powerful motors, TECCPO doesn't have loud vibration, which makes it easily control while finishing projects with precision.

Long Tool Life & After-sales Service

With the mission of accomplishing multiple tasks, this tool features replaceable motor brushes that extend the tool’s life. It also provides extended periods and quiet operation with a cooling running ball construction. Each TECCPO tool comes with a 2-year warranty. If there is something wrong with the tool, after-sales service will give your positive solution all the time.

Stable Package

The dark green packaging is intended to be fast, efficient, and space saving. You could place each attachment separately, which saves time to find them and is easy to carry. Impact-resistant model is lightweight and compact.

All in all, the TECCPO variable speed rotary tool offers the greatest production and most versatility of most rotary tools. The elevated energy of its engine allows constant performance at all speed levels. Like a friend in need, a booster in DIY, the rotary tool can use all existing accessories and high-performance attachments to complete the universal variety of projects.