TECCPO Leaf Blower Makes You a Perfect Neighbor

Maybe your neighbors are always complaining about the noise and emission from a gas leaf blower, but you have to clean the leaves or dust that cover your whole garden, garage, and sidewalk in front of your house. It’s time to find another eco-friendly leaf blower to make you handle things without worries in residential areas. And TECCPO battery-powered leaf blower exists for thousands of homeowners like you.

Blower 2

Responsible for the environment and your neighbor

Gas leaf blowers are known to be superior high efficiency, but they also emit carbon monoxide and other pollutants. Not to mention the deafening noise. Leaf blower powered by Li-ion batteries, compared to the gas leaf blower, which is less noise and no emissions. Battery-powered leaf blower ensures you to effectively finish a routine without concerns in any residential area or sound sensitive area. Beyond that, the battery-powered leaf blower is about 5 times lighter than a gas leaf blower, and lightweight design provides more comforts and control.

Innovative axial fan design

Most of the battery-powered leaf blower tends to adopt centrifugal fans as their air system, however centrifugal fans have the disadvantage of high energy consumption. To solve this, TECCPO adopts the axial fan design to ensure high efficiency and saving power.

In an axial fan, the rotating blades draw air to move in a parallel direction to the axis and force air out in the same direction as it went in without loss. TECCPO provides maximum air output to ensure efficiency through axial fan design. The capacity air volume of TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower is up to 380 CFM, which is 4 times as much as other leaf blowers with centrifugal fan design.

2 -speed selection provides a specific solution

On account of different scenarios and specific needs, TECCPO 20V cordless leaf bower provides 2-speed selections. Speed 1 can reach 9000 rpm and 85 miles per hour, while speed 2 is 15000 rpm and 49 miles per hour. You can choose speed according to your own needs and different situation. One tip for you, people always choose speed 2 to get leaves together in an instant and then select speed 1 to sweep a few leaves.


Lightweight design for elegant garden owners

Heavy and big size leaf blower is always out of place in your exquisite garden, which makes you feel exhausted and bored during the whole process. All you have done is just finish your chores, not take care of your garden. Don’t worry, TECCPO can settle this! TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower only weighs 2kg, including one battery. Compared to other 20V cordless leaf blowers with axial fan design, TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower is 44% lighter. TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower is suitable for both male and female.

One battery for all TECCPO family

There is no need to pay an additional fee on the battery or charger. TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower includes a 2.0Ah battery, but of the same price as those bare tools! TECCPO 20V Max Batteries can be used to all TECCPO 20V tools, whatever drills or gardening tools. A factor in evaluating battery quality is the charging and using time. Many cordless leaf blowers need to be charged for 2-3 hour, but only run 10-20minutes. Long charging times make work less efficient. For once charge, TECCPO 20V cordless leaf blower can work about 30 minutes, while speed 2 can work 10 minutes. It’s enough for homeowners to clean garden or garage. Considering diversified demands of customers, TECCPO will launch 4.0Ah battery in 2019 to extend the working time of products and assistant customer to finish more complex and time-consuming work. No need to replace TECCPO leaf blower, just replace a TECCPO 4.0Ah battery!


TECCPO leaf blower just like a solid booster in your garden, which can help you restore former beauty of the garden without messy leaves. TECCPO concern about all homeowners and their gardens,and never let them down! If you are looking for a new leaf blower, why not try TECCPO?