TECCPO TAPS22P multifunction-cutting mini saw,your great helper with DIY project

For those DIYers who are passionate about craftsmanship, having a lightweight and convenient mini saw is a very necessary choice. The general circular saw is in a large size and too heavy to operate, TECCPO TAPS22P multi-function cutting mini saw can solve these problems and won’t let DIYers down. It is a good helper with your DIY object since the TECCPO mini saw is packaged with all the components you need while other mini saws may not.

The TECCPO mini saw is one-hand operation designed weighs only 5.25 lb, 50% lighter than a traditional 7-1/4" circular saw. 480 W /4 A pure copper motor offers great power to the compact circular saw, can quickly finish cutting at 3500rpm. TECCPO TAPS22P will tell you the real meaning of "Small but Powerful". In terms of security, pressing the power switch and guarded trigger together to set up the saw will minimize accidental startup. Meanwhile, the guarded trigger will provide you with more comfort and better control.

Many Components are included with the TECCPO mini saw, they are 3 Blades, a Parallel Scale Ruler, a Hex Key and 15.75 inches Dust Exhaust Pipe, the complete accessories can get you into work immediately. The extra 24T TCT Blade for wood, 44T HSS Blade for plastic & soft metal and grit diamond blade for tile is specifically set to extend the applications of the saw. Suitable for straight cutting, plunge cutting, and flush cutting with large cutting capacity, the cutting depth is 1-1/16” for wood, 5/16” for tile and 1/8” for Aluminum. Using the hex key, you can change the right blade to cut corresponding material that fit for your craftsmanship.

 Additionally, vivid laser guide and scale ruler ensures straight, precise cuts easily and quickly. Make your handiwork more exquisite. 

Worried about the sawdust splashing? The 15.75 inches vacuum adapter allows connection to a vacuum, preventing you from the inhalation of dust. Just enjoy your DIY.

mini cutting saw

It is absolutely a solid booster in your workshop. You deserve such a Multifunction-cutting mini saw!